What is Greenwashing and How do we avoid it?

October 08, 2021

What is Greenwashing and How do we avoid it?

What is Greenwashing and How do we avoid it? 

Greenwashing is the marketing of a product or brand as eco-friendly or green rather than actually implementing environmental and ethically conscious, sustainable practices. 

Over the years, sustainability has become more significant in the fashion industry. Many consumers have demanded a change in the environment, but only a few companies have done the correct form of sustainability. Due to sustainability being a trend, fast fashion brands have taken over sustainability and brainwashed consumers into thinking that they were shopping from an eco-friendly brand. Making their consumers believe that they are a reliable company. 

Here are 5 rules to make sure your sustainability claims are in check:

Rule 1: Be transparent

Rule 2: Back it up with facts

Rule 3: Avoid vagueness terminology

Rule 4: Be honest and specific

Rule 5: Answer consumer questions




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