What does Fashion Sustainability mean?

October 12, 2021

What does Fashion Sustainability mean?

Nowadays you hear more and more about fashion sustainability, but what is it really and why does everyone talk about it?

Sustainable fashion is characterized by the use of fabrics that are manufactured and constructed in an eco-sustainable and in responsible way for the environment that surrounds us.

It is in fact , more and more important for a company to demonstrate that they are socially active, through initiatives that can not only help them distinguish in the competitive scenario but also benefit those who buy their product.

There are several ways to achieve Sustainable fashion, and each of them contributes to the maintenance of the environment in different ways and with different benefits, let’s see together some of them:


Green & Clean


When we talk about Green & Clean in fashion, we refer to companies that use an eco-friendly methodology in the production and choice of materials available to them. All materials and fabrics used for the manufacture of garments try not to be exposed to chemicals, which are not only polluting but also not good for the skin.

Those who follow a Green & Clean strategy will try to use biodegradable and 100% natural materials.



Fair & Ethical


Companies that follow a Fair & ethical approach to business are more focused on respecting human and animal rights.

This approach leads to a great awareness for the people who get involved in the production chain, and values such as equality and respect are at the first in their regulations.

They focus more on following codes of conduct and ensuring that the rights of all workers are respected and adequately remunerated (ethical labor practices).

Fair & Ethical strategy practitioners often commit to obtaining fair trade certification, or other associations that stand out in the fight for human and animal rights as vegan and cruelty-free products.


Rented, loaned or swapped


This is a trend that is getting really popular, you can find numerous online sites of "clothing-renting".

In some cases you pay a monthly membership and you can "rent" accessories or designer bags, or pay per item and rent the night dress of your dreams.

This tactic is one of the many ways to avoid wasting clothes, how many of us happened to buy a dress for a special event, wear it only once and then leave it dusty in the closet? 

This problem can be avoided through renting, loaning and swapping.


Repaired, Redesigned, or upcycled


Sometimes can happen to have a defected dress in the closet: a broken zipper, a stain, or a pulled thread, and consequently leave it in oblivion.

Companies dealing with repairing, redesigning, and upcycling will be happy to take your "bad" clothes.

You can create new clothes by reusing the old ones, and it also seems very absurd how you can get a top from a pair of old pants!

Other companies are in charge of recycling the fabrics that fashion houses do not use, the fashion houses before launching their new collections receive an excessive number of "fabric samples" just for demonstration, in order to pick the best one, why throw the “imperfect” fabrics when someone else can recycle them?


Secondhand or Vintage


The term Vintage is commonly used to refer to all old styles of clothing, usually, it refers to clothes that remind of a previous era.

It is a very varied style, ranging from the '50s-'60s to '70s-'80s, and is becoming increasingly popular, it is possible to see more and more thrifting shops on the streets selling second-hand clothes.

Vintage, although it may seem strange to some is one of the most eco-sustainable tactics, as it avoids waste, and supports reuse.

If you no longer like your clothes, someone will be happy to buy them and who knows maybe in a few decades they will be the new highlight of the world of vintage.


High Quality & Timeless Design


High Quality is Timeless.

If the products we buy were of the impeccable quality we should not change them every month.

It is indeed true that if a product is invested in manufacturing and the right research of materials, it will have impeccable quality and consequently will be much more durable.

Did you ever hear your grandmother say, "Oh, I bought this coat when I was your age!"?

It is true that long ago the fashion world was not focused on fast fashion, or the continuous need to change, but on a simple style, but of high quality.


On-demand or custom made


Another trend that is taking over is custom made, which not only allows consumers to be unique, with their customized clothes but also allows the company not to produce 100 t-shirts and sell only 40, is an excellent way to optimize the number of goods produced avoiding stocks.

Domestically produced

Why buy clothes elsewhere when you can make them at home!

Although sewing and knitting are still very fashionable, there is a growing demand for courses to learn the two techniques and finally learn how to draw your clothes and then give them life.


Is Fashion Sustainability the future? And Why company should follow the sustainable path?

Author: Ralitsa Mihaylova


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