Brooklyn Clothes Recycle Bins By Helpsy

March 19, 2021

BCD Planet Sustainability In Fashion

List of Clothes Recycle Bins By Helpsy



HELPSY has thousands of collection bins and partner Thrift Stores from Delaware to New Hampshire. 

They are the largest textile collection company in the Northeast US. Unlike most used clothing businesses They have an environmental mission: to keep clothes out of the trash. In just the last year they collected 25 million pounds of clothes. The impact of the clothes we collected is the following:

  • 320 million pounds of CO₂ emissions
  • 20 billion gallons of water
  • The electricity usage of 10,000 American homes

Helpsy is a proud for-profit B corp with an environmental mission.They believe that the tragedy of clothing filling our landfills and incinerators needs to stop.

To fight this battle, Helpsy works with partners large and small to place clothing collection containers, schedule collection drives, engage with cities and towns, manage unwanted inventories, and spread the word that CLOTHES AREN’T TRASH.


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Size Chart
BCD PLANET ready to wear is in alpha sizing and the resort collectable collections are in numeric sizing.
Currently we are only making sizes S, M, L, XL, we will provide more sizes when we notice a bigger demand.